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Squash 360 started as an incredibly simple website that only focuses on one thing, that is providing the best services for our readers and potential clients that had an idea about what squash is about, not only that but captivating the sense of the sport and what is truly about, is this one of our first commitments at the start of this website.

But as the time went by, we develop another interest that goes in a more professional way, since our first vision about squash 360 was only focused on giving away our services as professional coach. We started to grab another past that could truly change the way we perceive the sport of squash, and we aim in a more personal and delicate way with this approach.

That’s why when we started Squash 360, we understand that we want our website to be the official home of Squash, and a place that could gather potential customers of our incredibly useful product, as well people that truly want to step up his game and be better at squash, for that they could use our help as professional coaches and finally become professional players.

In a way, we can be compared as other professional websites of sports that choose to follow their direction to help their readers become better at the game, and by that they first educated them about the sport and then they choose to teach them the basics with professional advice and observations that could be useful in the heat of the match.

For that, we are truly aware of our techniques, and since our beginnings on the internet, to this day, we have help thousands, if not millions of persons that wanted to create something new with Squash, and develop the necessary skills for that.

Kimani Stanton. CEO of Squash 360.