The Rule Book – Squash Rules for Newcomers

Before starting to talk about this fantastic game, it is important and recommended for everyone to remember that we must warm up before each game at least 5 minutes due to the same as ours, the ball also needs to warm up to get more bounce. At the beginning of the game, one of the two players decided before the start of the Game, gives the initial kick and ends at the moment that any player gets a total of 11 points.

The First Shot

For the initial service, the player must remain with one of his feet on the service box, and the ball must not hit any other part than those allowed at the moment of the service to be a valid service.

For a good service in the game, the ball must bounce between the middle line and the top line otherwise the point will be given to his opponent.

When playing each one takes a turn to hit the ball towards the wall in front before its 2nd bounce. Taking into account not to exceed the starting line (the highest) or hit the can that is located at the level of the knees. If the ball hits outside of the allowed places, this will automatically be a failure and rally will end, as if the ball bounced more than twice on the ground.

Dangerous Plays

When it is considered that it is very dangerous to hit the ball or something happens that interferes in the game, that rally is repeated and the server returns to the place from where he sacked without forgetting to keep his foot inside the service area.

You should always try not to hinder to the opponent to avoid problems, necessary blows or lessons, in addition, think about it like this if the ball hits you your opponent will draw again and there are more opportunities for the game to win.

Enjoy Yourself

Above all, you should never forget to have fun and have freedom in the game, you should not get in front of your opponent, take advantage of the place of play and move, run, jump. Make the game fun for everyone, do not obstruct your game, do not cut your view of the ball or get in the swing of your racket so that he does not do it with you either, enjoy that game as it can become very fun for all.

How To Earn Points:

Earning points while playing Squash is easier than you think, where simple tasks like not doing a good service shot, or if the opponent hits the ball and then it hits the outer line. When the opponent hits the can, or if it doesn’t hit the ball before the 2nd bounce, and even if the ball thrown by your opponent hits you back, are all ways to earn points in a simple way.

We hope you have enjoyed this small but illustrative guide of how this amazing game is developed for all kinds of people, we hope you can put into practice what you have learned.

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